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Hi, I'm Sid and I'm a Frontend Engineer

I'm a TypeScript developer based in Berlin. You should hire me. Let me show you why.

Look at all these testimonials I just made up!

"Best frontend developer I've worked with" Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Design team
"10/10, would hire again" Larry David Had something to do wih Seinfeld
"$20 is not enough for a testimonial, amigo" Michael Scarn Threat Level: Midnight star
"I am Groot? I am Groot!" Groot Tree Pokemon thing

I like to think I'm flexible, easy-going and just generally nice to hang or work with. That is, up until you talk smack about Rocket League. Then you gon' get shamed, son!

People I would do anything to meet IRL: Paul Graham, Alexis Ohanian, Felix Kjellberg, Kevin De Bruyne.

I want to work with bleeding-edge tech. And teams that geek out on bleeding-edge tech! Nothing brings me more joy than working with code that challenges the “right way” of doing things. I'm currently fanboying over Svelte.

Speaking of tech, here's some I'm fluent with:

React Native
Prisma (2019 - Present) prisma.io

At Prisma, we're working to make databases easier for everyone everywhere. Ain't nobody got time to set up and maintain DBs, they're complex!

But we've managed to get all this complexity away and give you an incredibly well-typed library that does all the heavy-lifting for you. Couple that with a Yoga GraphQL server, and you've got production-grade tech up and running in an afternoon.

I work on Prisma Studio, which is a UI to manage your Prisma databases. Think Chrome DevTools for databases. That's all I'm legally allowed to say right now.


GraphQL (Get with the times, REST is so 2016 ;) )
Redux & *Sagas
Perdoo (2018 - 2019) perdoo.com

Perdoo is the OKR tool for champions. It is a management tool companies use to reach their visions and goals.

I moved to Berlin to join Perdoo. A young programmer out to face the world. Magical 🌈. I was brought on to maintain their entire UI library and their web dashboard. I introduced Storybook to said UI library and refactored old components to be more reusable, maintanable & clean (and pretty!). I also set up their test stack, with Jest, Mocha, Enzyme & Cypress.

We also refactored (now) legacy code over to have a more linear data flow (read predictable and DRY). Coupled with a whole bunch of tests we wrote, we ended up crushing the number of monthly bug reports to half of what it used to be!

We had a React Native app that was built by a freelancer before me, but I took that over, just because I loved the code they'd written. 🙌

Tech I used to make the big bucks:

Mocha, Jest & Enzyme
React Native (Absolute godsend 💯)
Postman (2016 - 2018) getpostman.com

Postman's app is a web developer's best friend. It is an irreplaceable toolchain for working with APIs.

A fresh college graduate, I was looking for a place that would let me have an impact. I interned here for 6 months, and was ultimately hired as a third to the small team of engineers that built and maintained the Postman app. This meant writing a ton of JavaScript, support on GitHub issues and a lot of mistakes. A lot. It was glorious. 🌟

During my time here, I modernized the Collection Runner's UI and underlying data model (which is just fancy-talk for a rewrite). I also got to work with a brilliant team as we rewrote huge parts of the app to support Workspaces.

Tech I used to get my job done:

Webpack (back in my day, we configured it ourselves. Then the `create-react-app` nation attacked)
Redux & MobX
Mocha & Selenium (sounds like a poisonous beverage, but they saved our butts multiple times)
SCSS (the love of my life)

Let’s look at some things I’ve built. Some came out of necessity, most were done out of boredom, or in hackathons.

Other projects not shown here can be found over at my GitHub page.


Lifetime is a little app I built out of boredom one weekend. I guess I could have gone outside instead, see what all this fuss about “the sun is good for you” propaganda is.

Anyywayyyy… this is a macOS tray app that shows you how much of the day/week/month/year/lifetime has passed. While this may come across as a bit morbid to some, it helps me focus. On a YouTube binge? The day's ticking away, get some work done! Overslept on a weekend? Life doesn't wait for you.

Check it out, it's not made for distribution, it's more of a personal project, but its OSS, so you can download it (or build it yourself!)

Project screenshot 0 Project screenshot 1
  • TypeScript
  • Electron
  • CSS

If you're convinced, and want to have a chat with me, hit me up! You can reach me at me @ madebysid.com . If you're in Berlin and want to hang, I'm open!"

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Let's end with some opinions no one asked for:

VS Code > Sublime Text
Sublime Text > VS Code (in my heart)
Sublime Merge > git CLI
TypeScript > JavaScript
CSS Modules > CSS-in-JS (bring on the pitchforks)